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     * Individual Birth Chart Analysis 75 minutes               $198

     * Birth Chart Thematic Follow-up 30 / 60 minutes      $85 / $160

     * Relationship Compatibility 75 minutes                       $265

     * Question of the Moment 30 minutes                           f$85

     In Person ~ By Telephone ~ Via Skype

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Vedic Astrology is one of six branches of the Veda, the universal wisdom tradition of ancient India. Its Sanskrit name is Jyotisha, which roughly translates as knowledge of light.



One purpose of Vedic Astrology is to shine a light on the meaningful patterns in our lives, especially those we are not aware of. Another purpose is to assess, forecast, and improve the quality of our lives.


Meaningful Patterns & Karma

Meaningful patterns are experiences and actions that affect us in any area of life: sense of self, relationships, education, work, wellness, finances, travel, spirituality, and so on.

The traditional translation of karma is action, including our inner experiential actions of thoughts, feelings, and desires. Karma phala is the results of our actions that continually catalyze new experiences and actions.



If we become more aware of the unseen karma and karma phala that continually affect us, then we can gain more conscious distance from these patterns and their consequences.

This conscious distance gives us the freedom to evaluate how to relate with them in new, more beneficial ways.

In this way, Vedic Astrology can help us lessen our suffering, and enhance our creativity, productivity, and fulfillment.

Two additional goals of Vedic Astrology are to help us lead lives more in harmony with our deepest nature (swadharma), and to enhance our awareness of the light of consciousness.


Marty’s Vedic Astrology Background

I first encountered Vedic Astrology in 1994 at Amritapuri, the south Indian ashram of Ammachi. I was amazed that someone who definitely did not know anything about me could accurately talk about my life – past, present, and future – by looking at a diagram that contained symbols which made no sense to me! From that moment, I felt compelled to understand how a two-dimensional diagram could reveal four-dimensional information about another person.

For a number of years, I learned from a variety of teachers. Yet I recognized there was so much more to understand. In 2003, it was my good fortune to meet Hart deFouw, world-renowned Vedic Astrology practitioner and teacher. At that time, I began 8 years of education and training under his tutelage. In 2005, I attained certification as an instructor and tutor by the American College of Vedic Astrology. I have provided consultations since 2005.


A consultation with me is a conversation about what the Vedic chart reveals about you. I take the lead in our conversation, and share information and insights about the meaningful patterns that I see. I also invite you to share experiences and topics that are most important to you, and I integrate my analysis of these into our conversation. We always have time to discuss your thoughts and questions, and to explore what the chart reveals about these. Our conversation is recorded with your permission, and a copy is created for you to download and listen to. 

Individual Birth Chart Analysis

This consultation provides you with a description of:

     • Your Personality and Psychology

     • Your Life-Purpose(s)

     • Your Interests and Abilities

     • Obstacles Blocking Your Fulfillment

     • Where You are Now

     • Where You are Headed

We also discuss life-themes, such as:

Family – Education – Relationships – Wellness                                             Career – Finances – Travel – Spirituality

I integrate this information to generate an understanding of meaningful patterns in your life, past, present, and future. We also discuss strategies for working with obstacles I identified that are blocking you from clarifying and fulfilling your life-goals.     


Birth Chart Thematic Follow-Up

Oftentimes, after an Individual Birth Chart Analysis consultation, new questions emerge, or a desire forms to further explore a specific theme in your life. This consultation is for the purpose of diving deeper into one area of your life.


Relationship Compatibility

A Vedic Astrology Relationship Compatibility consultation helps you understand the dynamic qualities and practical outcome potentials of relationships you are a part of.

Any personal and practical relationship can be assessed, such as:






      business partners

Examples of qualities compared for compatibility include:

      predominant communication style

      emotional and/or intimacy style

      social interaction patterning


Examples of compatible outcome potentials include:

      how conflict and stress are handled and resolved

      independent versus dependent relating and work styles

      career and financial success

Also assessed is if and how each person’s compatibility strengths can help mitigate any weaknesses of the other person specific to the nature of the relationship.

The birth-data of both people is needed for this consultation.


Prashna: Question of the Moment

Prashna is a formal branch of Jyotisha, Vedic Astrology. “Question of the moment” is a rough translation of the Sanskrit word Prashna. The purpose of this consultation is to provide a “yes” or “no” answer, with elaboration and explanation, to a single-subject question. Every moment is a new beginning, a birth. The moment a Vedic Astrologer hears the question is its birth. A birth-chart of the question is calculated for that moment, and is analyzed, interpreted, and then discussed.