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Holistic Healing  &  Advaita Vedanta

Presentations and Workshops


Benefit Events For Charity



All Proceeds Donated to the Charities of Ammachi,

known as the “Hugging Saint” [Less the Cost of Room Rental]






This September and October in Nevada City I am giving presentations and leading discussions as well as workshops on methods of integrative healing from Western and Indian perspectives.


Advaita Vedanta is a discipline that provides a direct and unique approach to healing ourselves. This multi-thousand year tradition of personal discovery of well-being complements and adds to contemporary body/mind spiritual methods and to the emerging field of the science of consciousness.


During the events, I will lead us through down-to-earth practices that immediately reveal a change in experience of who we are in relation to our bodies, minds, and consciousness.


Holistic Healing

     A multi-dimensional process of integrative transformation


Advaita Vedanta

     A radical approach to holistic healing & well-being


Explore ~ Investigate ~ Question ~ Practice ~ Discuss

Explore the Relationship Between Holistic Healing & Advaita Vedanta

Investigate From Immediate Experience a New Awareness of Body~Mind

Question From Experience the Nature of Self & Other ~ Subject & Object

Practice Skills that Heal Matters of the Heart & Dissolve the Residue of the Mind

Discuss How to Integrate into Daily Life Advaita Vedanta’s Approach to Healing


Presentations ~ Discussions ~ Short Practices


September 26, October 03 & October 10, 2018

6:30 – 8 p.m. $15 each


Workshops: Practices & Discussion


October 13 & October 20

1 – 5 p.m. $60 each



All Proceeds Donated to the Charities of Ammachi,

known as the “Hugging Saint” [Less the Cost of Room Rental]

For more information about Ammachi and the charities, go to www.amma.org


All Events Held at

Inner Path, 200 Commercial Street, Nevada City


These presentations, discussions, and workshops are for informational purposes only. If you have a medical or personal problem, then please consult with a licensed health care provider, such as a Medical Doctor, Registered Nurse, Counselor or Psychologist.